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Preparing your PDB for Foldit
  • Before you can old a load the structure into foldit it must be:
    1. Clean (no alternative density/models, no ligands/cofactors/water etc.)
    2. Refined within rosetta.
  • Lower (negative) is better.
  • If you put your mouse cursor over any amino acid and press "tab" (keyboard) you'll get a pop-up of the score breakdown for the specific residue.
  • See Rosetta Energy for a breakdown of the score function in Foldit.
  • When you mutate a residue (in Design Mode), only the residue in question is repacked. The score might not be ideal and you may also need to repack residues around it. Switch to Pull mode, click and select "shake". You can also allow the backbone to move by selecting "wiggle". When the energy stops dropping, hit "STOP".
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