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  • 19Oct2016
    • PDF versions of the slides (for day 1 and day 3) are attached.
  • 11Oct2016
    • Unfortunately, we were NOT able to get the classroom computers to run VirtualBox =(
    • If you are able to at least get Rosetta+Pymol on the computers, I will provide files generated by the scripts as download.
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    • We are actively working on adding content to the website. If you have any questions, feel free to email Sergey at krypton@uw.edu.
    • If you are bringing your own laptop, please make space for at least 32GB of disk-space. We'll be installing VirtualBox with a VM that contains Rosetta and other Tools we'll be using. It is also MUCH easier to navigate pymol/foldit using a three-button mouse, if you have one bring it with you.
Workshop for protein modeling and design using Rosetta
UNAM, Oct 10-14, 2016

The objective of this workshop is to provide an overview of Rosetta modeling suite and introduce the workflow for general protein modeling tasks. We intend to build up gradually from a basic (but essential) understanding of molecular mechanics, the tools available in Rosetta, to real world applications of these tools to protein modeling and design problems.

Follow the tabs for each day's progress.  Presentation sessions are in red. The time listed for each session is a very optimistic estimate.

Take home message for each session:
Day 1: Understanding the molecular mechanics and kinematics implemented in Rosetta
Day 2: Using Rosetta and other bioinformatics tools to model protein structures from sequences
Day 3: Designing protein backbones and sequences 
Day 4: Reviewing structural modeling problems posted by workshop attendees

At the end of the workshop, we will make available the slides on google drive.

Possu Huang - Protein Design and Engineering
Stanford University

Sergey Ovchinnikov - Protein Folding and Evolution
University of Washington 

Registration information:
*Inscripciones: Cupo máximo 15 alumnos, se realizará una selección sobre un resumen de nos mas de 250 palabras de la importancia del uso Rosetta en sus investigaciones. También se requiere Uso básico del programa Rosetta. Para el curso firmar la licencia académica del programa Rosetta. Enviar correo con sus datos personales, resumen al Dr. Alejandro Sosa a: asosa@unam.mx, a mas tardar el 30 de Septiembre.

* Registration: Occupancy 15 students, a selection on a summary of us more than 250 words of the importance of using Rosetta in its investigations will be performed. Basic use of the Rosetta program is also required. For the current academic license sign Rosetta program. Send mail with your personal data, summarized Dr. Alejandro Sosa: asosa@unam.mx, not later than 30 September.