Clear previous Puzzle files (if you have loaded a puzzle before)
  • Locate install directory
    • Windows:
      • C:\FolditStandalone or C:\Program Files\Foldit
    • Mac OS:
      • Right click on FolditStandalone and select "Show Package Contents"
      • Go to Contents/Resources/
  • Delete all files* 
  • Delete all files tmp*
  • Delete directory: 0000000001 inside puzzles
Load Puzzle
  1. Download the following ZIP archive: or
  2. Extract the contents.
  3. Open the foldit standalone version.
    • First time you open the program, it may take a few mins to load.
  4. Click "Start"
  5. Select "Play Offline"
  6. You'll get a pop-up box for input selection. Select ALL the files from above extract (select first file, hold shift and select last file).
  7. Select "Science puzzles"
  8. Hit "Play"!
Adjust settings
  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D (assigns secondary structure).
  2. Menu -> General Options -> Show Advanced GUI
  3. View -> Score/Hydro+CPK (colors oxygens red and nitrogens blue)
Foldit Modes (Select "Modes" from bottom menu)
  • Pull Mode - Allows you to pull the structure apart.
  • Structure Mode - Allows you to manually assign secondary structure.
  • Design Mode - Allows you to mutate!
  • Lower (negative) is better.
  • If you put your mouse cursor over any amino acid and press "tab" (keyboard) you'll get a pop-up of the score break down for the specific residue.
  • See Rosetta Energy for a break down of the score function in foldit.
  • When you mutate a residue (in Design Mode), only the residue in question is repacked. The score might not be ideal and you may also need to repack residues around it. Switch to Pull mode, click and select "shake". You can also allow the backbone to move by selecting "wiggle". When the energy stops dropping, hit "STOP".