Day 3: Design

DAY 3 (10.12.16):
  • Computational Protein Design 
    • "fold tree", the kinematic framework used by Rosetta to describe a polymer 
    • RosettaRemodel  click here for presentation PDF
      • Blueprint concept
      • manipulation of protein backbones and sequences
      • tweaking structures with score functions and constraints
      • disulfide building
      • domain insertion
      • de novo structure design
      • ligands
      • symmetry
  • Tutorial: Protein design with RosettaRemodel 
    • If you are not using VirtualBox Download Rosetta here:
    • Building models that cover each of the features above 
      • specifically, we will practice modifying existing PDB structures and creating new structures using blueprint files. With these models, we will build up the blueprint to cover each of the features so trainees will be familiar with the concept
  • If time allows, we'll cover a brief tutorial session on Rosetta code, how it is structured and how you can learn to modify it for your needs -- a guided tour through Rosetta code.
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Oct 19, 2016, 1:59 PM